The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel variants of Incubus, Camelot, Excalibur, Roulette and Atari Alliance all identify participants by their ‘Mayan Kin’ or ‘Galactic Signature’ as defined by the Dreamspell Calendar.

‘Time Tunnel Incubus’ allows the user to identify his friends and colleagues by their Kin. Intention being to access a users ‘Facebook Friends List’ and assign each friend to their corresponding ‘Castle and Enchanted Wave’. Providing facility for the user to manage this database and form Enchanted Waves for social, commercial and gaming environments.

‘Time Tunnel Camelot’ builds on Incubus and provides a ‘Court’ for users to socialize, match-make and exchange friends to assist building Enchanted Waves and populate one’s Castle.

‘Time Tunnel Excalibur’ a simpler variant centred on a Light Sabre combining media projects ‘As Surfistas da Roda’ and ‘The Ice Maidens of Atlantis’.

Time Tunnel Roulette’ a competitive gaming zone

‘Time Tunnel Atari Alliance’ intends to centre the Ark of the Covenant on the Court of Camelot to provide gaming, spiritual enlightenment and other forms of entertainment for its participants, the goal being an international TV Gameshow.

Before entering The Time Tunnel one must first be educated in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, learn about our Kin, find our Castle and get to know your Enchanted Wave....